Welcome to a place where God is worshiped, and all people are invited to abundant life in Jesus Christ! Jesus taught us to love, and we have made it our mission to share His faith, grace and teaching to all people.  It shows in our commitment to our community, in our fellowship and in our worship. 


We are a small church, continuing to minister and worship in a safe environment even during the Corona Pandemic.  We have our church service at 10:00 am every Sunday.  Worshipful music and preaching happen, but we keep each other safe by using masks and not singing aloud.  It’s strange, and we miss the singing, but love the music from our masterful organist and guitarist and soloists.  We are worshiping safely and with full hearts!  God is with us and leads us to worship. 


We are more interested in our relationship with God than with religion.  We are imperfect people, saved only by grace.  What we wear, or what you wear, is not important.  Loving God, loving one another, and loving beyond our church is our mission.  Come let us share in the grace of God and the joy of the Lord together.


We want to be of service in a private, caring way, to you and our community in this difficult time. If you need assistance, please contact Pastor Ellen at 269-695-3282.  

Peace and blessings to you all!  Stay healthy and safe!

All seekers are welcome – and if you’re not there yet, you are welcome too!


Worship service is at 10:00am on Sunday morning, but I would love to talk to you any time. 

Call. Visit. Let’s talk!


Finding Us

Our address is: 132 S. Oak St., Buchanan, MI 49107. 

Our phone # is:  (269) 695-3282.

For more individual directions click the map.


A magnetic and energetic church, First United Methodist is located in Buchanan, Michigan. Our core values are Christ, Prayer, Family, the Bible, and Mission.

We offer a number of programs including several small groups, Sunday School for all ages, and worship that combines all kinds of styles.